wales national football team vs croatia national football team standings

Wales National Football Team vs Croatia National Football Team Standings

The Wales national football team recently faced off against the Croatia national football team in an intense match that left fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams gave it their all, resulting in a game that showcased the talent and skill of the players. The match was highly anticipated, and fans from both sides eagerly awaited the outcome.


The Wales national football team, playing at their home ground, showcased their determination and skill, putting on a stellar performance for their passionate fans. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric as the home team took to the field, eager to secure a victory. The support from the crowd undoubtedly played a significant role in boosting the team’s morale throughout the match.


The match ended with a 0-0 draw, with both teams showcasing their defensive prowess and resilience. The scoreline demonstrated the intense battle that unfolded on the pitch, with neither team willing to back down. The match was a testament to the competitive nature of international football, with both sides fighting tooth and nail to gain the upper hand.


On the away front, the Croatia national football team displayed their skill and determination as they faced the formidable Wales team on unfamiliar territory. The away team’s performance highlighted their adaptability and composure in a challenging environment. Despite the raucous support for the home team, Croatia held their own and demonstrated their prowess on the international stage.

Substitution (20 times)

Throughout the match, both teams strategically utilized substitutions to inject fresh energy and tactics into their gameplay. The frequent substitutions allowed for tactical adjustments and provided players with the opportunity to make an impact on the pitch. Coaches carefully deliberated their choices, aiming to gain a competitive edge as the match progressed.

Goal (16 times)

Despite the intense gameplay, neither team managed to find the back of the net, resulting in a goalless draw. Both sides came agonizingly close to scoring, with goal-scoring opportunities creating moments of excitement and tension for the players and fans alike. The skillful goalkeepers and resolute defense on both ends thwarted numerous attempts, ensuring a nail-biting battle until the final whistle.

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Yellow card (5 times)

The high-stakes nature of the match led to several instances of robust challenges and tactical fouls, resulting in a total of five yellow cards being brandished by the referee. The competitive intensity of the game led to heated moments, with players walking a fine line between aggression and discipline. The yellow cards served as a reminder of the physical and mental demands of international football at the highest level.


Both teams fielded their strongest starting lineups, with key players taking to the field ready to make their mark on the match. The starting lineup choices reflected the tactical strategies and strengths that each team sought to leverage against their opponents. Fans eagerly awaited the kickoff as the starting players prepared to showcase their abilities on the grand stage of international football.


The bench proved to be a vital asset for both teams, with substitutes playing a crucial role in providing fresh impetus and tactical changes. Coaches meticulously selected their substitutes, aiming to introduce impactful players who could turn the tide in their team’s favor. The substitutes’ entrances onto the pitch injected renewed energy and strategic options, adding a dynamic element to the competitive showdown.


The match took place at a prestigious stadium, serving as the backdrop for the thrilling encounter between the Wales and Croatia national football teams. The arena’s rich history and passionate atmosphere added to the allure of the match, creating an environment that encapsulated the essence of international football. Spectators filled the stands, eager to witness the drama unfold within the hallowed grounds of the stadium.

Date & Time

The date and time of the match were key factors in capturing the attention of fans and amplifying the significance of the showdown. The scheduled fixture ensured that football enthusiasts from around the world could tune in to witness the spectacle as it unfolded in real time. The anticipation leading up to the match was palpable, as supporters eagerly marked their calendars for the highly anticipated clash.

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An experienced and authoritative referee presided over the match, overseeing the proceedings with a keen eye for fair play and adherence to the rules of the game. The referee’s crucial decisions and management of the match contributed to the smooth and competitive nature of the showdown. Their pivotal role in maintaining order and facilitating a level playing field was instrumental in ensuring a compelling and fair contest.

Fourth Official

Assisting the referee was the fourth official, who provided crucial support and assistance in managing the technical aspects of the match. The fourth official’s presence on the sidelines ensured that the match operated smoothly and efficiently, allowing for seamless communication and coordination between the match officials and coaching staff.

Assistant Referees

The assistant referees worked in tandem with the main official, fulfilling vital roles in monitoring offside decisions, fouls, and other critical aspects of the game. Their close collaboration with the referee and fourth official ensured that the match unfolded with precision and accuracy, upholding the integrity of the competition.

Summary Table

Category Occurrences
Substitution 20 times
Goal 16 times
Yellow card 5 times

Learn More from FA Wales

For further insights and details regarding the Wales national football team’s performance, fans and enthusiasts can explore official resources provided by the Football Association of Wales (FAW). These platforms offer comprehensive coverage, analysis, and exclusive content that delve into the team’s journey, achievements, and future aspirations.


The Wales national football team participates in prestigious leagues and competitions, showcasing their talents and representing their nation on the global stage. The team’s engagements in various leagues serve as a testament to their competitive prowess and commitment to achieving success at the highest level of international football.


Dedicated and passionate fans form an integral part of the Wales national football team’s support system, providing unwavering encouragement and spirit throughout their journey. The fervent enthusiasm displayed by the team’s loyal fan base contributes to the electric atmosphere at matches and serves as a source of inspiration for the players.

FAW Sites

The official websites and online platforms affiliated with the Football Association of Wales (FAW) serve as hubs of information, news updates, and interactive content tailored for fans and followers of the Wales national football team. These digital channels offer a comprehensive insight into the team’s activities, engagements, and initiatives, fostering a deeper connection with supporters.

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In garnering support from various stakeholders, including sponsors, partners, and community members, the Wales national football team sustains its journey with the backing of a united network of supporters. Through collaborative efforts and shared enthusiasm, the team thrives as a symbol of national pride and sporting excellence, bolstered by the unwavering support of individuals and organizations.

App Use Policies

In embracing modern technology and digital connectivity, app use policies ensure a secure and user-friendly experience for individuals engaging with official team- affiliated applications. The implementation of app use policies underscores a commitment to safeguarding user privacy, enhancing functionality, and delivering valuable content to app users.

Site Use Policies

Site use policies outline guidelines and best practices for visitors and users engaging with official team-affiliated websites, aiming to foster a positive, informative, and secure digital environment. By adhering to site use policies, individuals contribute to the cultivation of a respectful online community and the enhancement of their overall experience. In conclusion, the match between the Wales and Croatia national football teams captivated audiences with its high-stakes intensity, competitive spirit, and skillful gameplay. The matchup served as a compelling showcase of international football talent, demonstrating the unwavering determination and sporting prowess of both teams. As fans eagerly anticipate future encounters, the enduring legacy of this thrilling clash resonates as a testament to the captivating nature of football on the global stage.


Where is Wales ranked in FIFA?

As of December 2021, Wales is ranked 18th in FIFA Men’s World Rankings.

How many times have Wales played Croatia?

As of October 2021, Wales have played Croatia 6 times.

Where is Croatia ranked in football?

As of December 2021, Croatia is ranked 16th in the FIFA World Men’s Rankings.

Has Wales won a World Cup?

No, Wales has not won a World Cup in either football or rugby.

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