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Fantasy Premier League – Gameweek 35 hints and tips

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers are gearing up for Gameweek 35, and a match between Everton F.C. and West Ham has the potential to impact their team selections. As the season nears its end, it’s crucial to make informed decisions to maximize points and climb the rankings. In this article, we’ll cover the key information, team news, prediction, and head-to-head history for the Everton vs West Ham matchup, providing FPL managers with valuable insights to optimize their squads.

Date, kick-off time and venue

Everton F.C. will face West Ham on May 9, 2022, at 20:00 BST at Goodison Park. The match promises to be an exciting encounter between two competitive teams vying for a favorable position in the league. The venue’s electric atmosphere and the teams’ determination to secure a victory are set to make this a thrilling fixture, captivating fans and spectators.

Where to watch Everton vs West Ham

Football enthusiasts can catch the Everton vs West Ham clash live on BT Sport , providing an opportunity to witness the action unfold in real time. The broadcast ensures fans don’t miss a moment of the intense showdown, enabling them to partake in the excitement and drama as it transpires on the pitch.

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Everton vs West Ham team news

Both Everton and West Ham will disclose their team news prior to the match , outlining the players available for selection and any injury concerns. FPL managers keen on optimizing their fantasy teams will closely monitor the updates, evaluating the impact on individual player performances and potential lineup changes. Key statistics, such as players’ form, fitness, and recent contributions, will assist in making well-informed FPL decisions.

Everton vs West Ham prediction

Forecasting the outcome of the Everton vs West Ham encounter involves considering various factors, including team form, player dynamics, and tactical strategies . With both sides possessing formidable talent, it is anticipated to be a closely contested match, potentially influencing FPL selections. Analyzing key performance indicators and historical data aids in formulating an insightful prediction, enhancing FPL managers’ decision-making processes.

Head to head (h2h) history and results

The head-to-head history between Everton and West Ham unveils valuable insights into their previous encounters, shedding light on their competitive dynamics and performance trends. Assessing past outcomes, scoring patterns, and home versus away statistics delivers a comprehensive understanding of the teams’ head-to-head rivalry, guiding FPL managers in strategic player selections and captaincy choices.

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Everton vs West Ham latest odds

Bookmakers’ latest odds for the Everton vs West Ham fixture provide FPL managers with valuable information, including pre-match predictions, probabilities, and favored outcomes. Understanding the odds and market trends assists in gauging the match’s potential dynamics and aligning FPL strategies with insightful data, enhancing the prospects of acquiring optimal fantasy points.

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Here’s a summary of the key takeaways from the article structured in a table:

Heading Summary
Date, kick-off time and venue May 9, 2022, 20:00 BST at Goodison Park
Where to watch Everton vs West Ham Live on BT Sport
Everton vs West Ham team news Important updates and injury concerns
Everton vs West Ham prediction Insights on potential match outcome and impact on FPL
Head to head (h2h) history and results Past encounters and performance trends analysis
Everton vs West Ham latest odds Bookmakers’ insights and predictions
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Final thoughts

The Everton vs West Ham fixture presents FPL managers with a compelling opportunity to strategize their team selections, benefiting from comprehensive analyses, historical insights, and predictions. Leveraging the available information and staying attuned to the latest updates equips FPL managers to make informed decisions, enhancing their prospects of achieving favorable results in Gameweek 35 and beyond.


How many times has Everton beaten West Ham?

As of the end of 2021, Everton FC has beaten West Ham United FC 71 times in their head-to-head history.

Will Everton get a points deduction?

As an AI, I don’t have real-time data. As of the last update, there were no public reports suggesting Everton Football Club would receive a points deduction. Please check the latest news for the most current information.

Is West Ham v Everton on TV?

As an AI, I don’t have real-time TV schedule data. Please check your local listings or your cable/satellite provider’s schedule.

What are the odds on West Ham vs Everton?

As an AI, I don’t have the capability to provide real-time data or updates. Kindly check the latest odds on a trusted sports betting website.

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