italy national football team vs north macedonia national football team standings

The Italy national football team recently faced off against the North Macedonia national football team in a thrilling match that had fans on the edge of their seats. The matchup showcased the talent and skill of both teams as they vied for victory on the field. Let’s delve into the highlights and key moments of the game, as well as the statements from both teams and their rosters.


The game concluded at full time with an intense performance from both teams, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next match. Italy displayed resilience and determination while North Macedonia showcased their competitive spirit, leading to an exhilarating 90 minutes of football.

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Chiesa’s Goal

The match saw an exceptional display of skill from Chiesa, who scored a remarkable goal, propelling Italy’s momentum and electrifying the crowd. His strategic play contributed significantly to Italy’s performance, earning admiration from fans and pundits alike.


As the clock ticked towards the final moments of the game, both teams pushed for a decisive advantage. The 96th minute brought a tense atmosphere as Italy and North Macedonia made last-minute efforts to clinch victory, thrilling spectators with their determination.


Early into the second half, the 93rd minute witnessed a pivotal moment that shifted the dynamic of the game. Both teams pressed forward, seeking to capitalize on opportunities and gain the upper hand in a fiercely contested match.

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Where is North Macedonia ranked in world football?

As of December 2021, North Macedonia is ranked 67th in the FIFA World Rankings for men’s national football teams.

Why is it called North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is called such after reaching an agreement with Greece in 2018 to end a decades-long dispute over its name. ‘North’ was added to distinguish it from a Greek region also named Macedonia. This has been an ongoing issue since the dissolution of Yugoslavia when the country wished to call itself Macedonia.

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What is North Macedonia known for?

North Macedonia is known for its rich history, being part of both the Greek and Roman empires. It’s home to numerous historical and archaeological sites, including the capital city of Skopje and the lakeside town of Ohrid. It is also renowned for its natural beauty, including several national parks.

How many games have North Macedonia played?

As an AI, I am unable to provide live updates. As of October 2021, the North Macedonia national football team has played a total of nearly 220 official matches since their formation in 1993. Please check the latest sources for the most recent data.

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